Junior Music Course

For 4 to 5 years 11months old

Course length : 2 years 

This course aims at further developing the musical senses and skills of the young musician.

From the age of 4, your child's sense of hearing, finger muscles and vocal cords develop most rapidly. Now your child is ready for the Junior Music Course (JMC)

JMC, the entry- level course to Yamaha's 11-year Junior Music Programme, is specially designed to: emphasize ear-training and develop your child's innate sense of music, create a stimulating environment for children to sing and play simple tunes, encourage kids to express themselves musically.

Course Objectives 

To develop fundamental musical ability by learning to sing with do-re-mi and with lyrics, and to play on keyboard instruments. Emphasis is placed on listening because aural ability develops fastest in this period.

Like Music Wonderland, JMC offers group education and parental participation - the most ideal style of learning for young children. Your child cultivates a sprit of co-operation, harmony and a sense of discipline, while enjoying a musical experiences with friends.

Lesson Details: 
Intake January, April, July, October
Target 4 to 5 years old accompanied by a parent
Format of Lesson Group lesson
Lesson Duration 60 minutes per lesson (45 lessons per year)
School Fee RM 175 per month