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  • high quality phenol resin
  • design based upon the top grade Custom series
  • 4C
  • Highly consistent
  • Great for intermediate players
  • 4C, Highly consistent
  • Model: YAC1266
  • high quality phenol resin
  • design based upon the top grade Custom series
  • 4C
  • Highly consistent
  • Great for intermediate players
  • 4C, Highly consistent
  • Shipping fee for East Malaysia which have been stated below are estimated price as the shipping prices are not fixed , once we get the exact shipping price ,our staff will inform you right away before sending the item out.
  • YAMAHA METRONOME MP-90 From Japan F / SPRODUCT DETAILSFingerprints are difficult to attach due to matte finish Simple & colorful classic specifications
  • Tempo: 40-208 / min, 39 steps
  • Signature Time: Beat With Time Sign, 0, 2, 3, 4, 6 Time SignatureDescription ProductPendulum Type Metronome With A Rich And Deeply Resonating Spring Fulcrum Pursuing A Body Design That Inherits The Classic Triangular Pyramid Style Design And Has 
  • 49 full-size velocity-sensitive keys
  • FM Essential expands your sonic arsenal
  • Free iOS FM synthesizer app with drum loops, FX, and more
  • Class compliant USB audio/MIDI for plug-and-play connectivity
  • Yamaha's powerful MOTIF sound engine:
  • Layer, zone, cycle, switch, randomize, and control up to 8 elements per voice
  • VCM (Virtual Circuit Modeling)
  • Re-creates the sound and behavior of vintage signal processors and FX
  • Product: FOM Violin Shoulder Rest
  • Model: ME-044
  • Suitable for 3/4 and 4/4 size violin
  • Material: High-rigidity engineering plastic
  • Light and handy, durable and comfortable to use
  • Height and width adjustment, movable pallet, folding claw
  • Rubber feet prevent scratches and provides strong grip to the violin
  • Full range of hi-hat effects:
  • Full open
  • Full closed
  • Half open
  • Foot splash
  • This 32-key Pianica is ideal for ensemble or solo performance.
  • 8 touch-sensitive drum pads in an easy-playing layout allow for expressive drumming
  • 2 assignable foot pedals included for kick, hi-hat or any other Voice
  • Compact & portable design with battery operation allows you to play anywhere you want
  • Headphone jack allows you to play anytime you want
  • AUX IN jack for connecting and playing along with your favorite music
  • 570 Voices assignable to any pad
  • Hand Percussion Mode
  • 105 built-in Songs for learning and playing along with
  • 75 programmed Drum Kits + 10 Custom Kits
  • 32-note polyphony
  • Stereo speakers with bass port provide great sound quality
  • Reverb and Master EQ
  • Sensitivity adjustment for individual pads and bass pedal
  • Record your own Songs (up to 5 in memory at one time)
  • Yamaha Upright Piano U1J / U1 (made in Japan)
  • Yamaha Upright Piano U3
  • Yamaha Upright Piano JX113T
  • Yamaha Upright Piano JX113CP
  • Yamaha Upright Piano JU109
  • Yamaha Upright Piano YUS1
  • Yamaha Upright Piano YUS3
  • Yamaha Upright Piano YUS5
  • Original Yamaha Keyboard Bag for PSR-E Series and PSR-F Series
  • Durable nylon construction designed for 76-key keyboards
  • They are compatible with most 76 Key Keyboard
  • • Complete guitar maintenance in one bottle
  • • Clean, polish, wax & protect in one easy step
  • • Pro strength formula
  • • Proprietary formulation
  • • UV protectants to deter sun damage
  • • Biodegradable forumulation
  • • Smells great
  • • 100% PET bottle - the most friendly recyclable plastic on Earth
  • • Volume: 4 oz.(120 ml)
  • Helps maintain the musical instrument bright easily
  • Cleaners to remove fingerprints, smudges and grime
  • Use regularly to reduce static and against fingerprints and oils
  • For best result, please spray on cloth then apply to instrument, wiping evenly in one direction
  • 100ml capacity is quite enough for you to use for a long time
  • Spray bottle is specially designed for conveniently spraying on your instruments
  • Deep cleans
  • Protects finish
  • No waxy build-up
  • Streak free
  • Made in USA
  • The drum stool has a high quality steel frame and a foam padded seat which is perfect for both beginner and seasoned drummers. The drum stool has a comfy foam seat which is free-swivel for added ease whilst drumming. The drum stool features a folding tripod base and an easily removable seat for easy transport and storage.
  • Piano Top Cover
  • Made in Japan
  • for Upright Piano
  • U1J
  • JU109
  • JX113
  • U1
  • U3
  • High quality and touch sensitive mini keyboard
  • 42 Voices (instruments)
  • 138 Arpeggio types
  • Phrase recorder
  • Motion Effect
  • USB-MIDI connection
  • Light and compact
  • Built-in speaker / Headphones jack
  • Battery and USB bus powered (USB power adaptor is sold separately)
  • Ideal for: Rock, Pop
  • Size: 5A
  • Length: 15" - 16“
  • Taper: Medium
  • Tip Material: Nylon
  • Finish: Lacquer
  • Tip Shape: Oval
  • Type: Drum Set
  • Diameter : 1.4cm
  • Length : 40.7cm
  • Tip Material : Wood
  • Tip Shape : Oval
  • Yamaha CG Shape
  • Spruce Top
  • Yamaha Quality in An Affordable Price